Art Deco Kaunas presents original Lithuanian art deco furniture together with period paintings, graphic arts, and superb interior details. The exposition seeks to recapture the unique atmosphere of domestic interiors and a style of living in the capital of interwar Lithuania.

Gallery experts offer advice and guidance on purchase and sale of antiques, pricing, and restoration services, and offer other assistance in one’s quest to explore the belle époque of the most modernist city among the Baltic countries.


Leading Lithuanian art deco furniture designers and applied art representatives studied at Conservatoire Nationale des arts et Metiers in Paris in the 20’s and 30’s and were directly influenced by art deco furniture master Emile Ruhlmann himself. What makes Kaunas furniture style exceptional is that it frequently included ancient Baltic folk ornaments as well as the decorative patters of late Baroque, which is widespread in Lithuania.

Lithuanian designers perfectly mastered the techniques of intarsia, encrustation, marqueterie and shellac lacquering techniques. They imported expensive quality plywood from other European countries. For their art deco furniture designs Kaunas artists utilized local nacre, bone, metal and amber, as well as aged oak, elm, walnut, hornbeam.


Characteristically for Art Deco, stylistic opulence , luxury and prosperity were reflected in a variety of chandeliers, lamps and other lightning fixtures from interwar Kaunas. Lithuanian designers also created impressive floor lamps decorated with Art Deco geometric forms and ornaments.

Paintings & Graphics

Original oil paintings and reproductions of historic works importantly contribute to the sense of the “total design” that leading Art Deco practitioners sought. Our position is that carefully chosen contemporary painting may be a great match to interwar Art Deco furniture and interiors. In pursuing this goal, we are proud to present in our initial exhibition the works of Kaunas painter Deivis Slavinskas.


The founders of “Art Deco Kaunas” include art academy graduates, renowned collectors in the Baltic states and art critics specializing in the art of the 1920s and 1930s. It is our pleasure to contribute to the discovery of the hidden gem of European belle époque – modernism in Lithuanian temporary capital Kaunas.

“Art Deco Kaunas” gallery guarantees the highest quality of in a full range of art services: valuation, presentation, sales, restoration, insurance and delivery of art and design objects.

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